by George H. Morrison

The Shadow of His Hand
George H. Morrison
Isaiah 49:2

The hand of God in Scripture is very often comfortingly mentioned. It is one of the great sources of the strength and solace of His people. It is a hand of almighty power, for it takes up the islands as a very little thing. It is a hand of unfailing liberality, for it supplies all our returning wants. It is a hand of beauty and of wisdom, for it arrays the lilies of the field and leads the wandering feet into green pastures. It is that hand of which the prophet says, "In the shadow of His hand hath He hid me." Now there is a deep sense in which every believer leads a continuously hidden life. It is a life "hid with Christ in God" (Col. 3:3), and that from the beginning to the close. But the concealment of which the prophet speaks is not the constant abiding in the Father; it is the temporary sheltering of His love.

There are times in every spiritual life when the greatest of all needs is quiet withdrawal. For the spiritual harvesting of life, shadow is as needful as the sunshine. And it is one of the great offices of faith to take the shadowed seasons of the life and to reckon them the shadow of His hand. It is not the whole of faith to be assured that God's hand is guiding through the years. Hours come when we are laid aside, secluded and withdrawn from high activities. And in such hours it is a mighty comfort if faith is strong enough so to transmute the shadows that they become the shadow of His hand.

Sometimes He hides us in the shadow of His hand that the little flickering light be not extinguished. A bruised reed He will not break and smoking flax He will not quench (Isa. 42:3; Matt. 12:20). When a taper has been newly kindled, the slightest gust of wind will put it out. It is then that a man, to guard it from extinction, will encircle it with the shadow of his hand. And often, when the heavenly light is lit and not yet equal to the whirling wind, God shelters it in some such way as that (Acts 9 ...

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