by George H. Morrison

The Prevenient God
George H. Morrison
Deuteronomy 31:8

I am not too late, I hope, to wish all my hearers a very happy New Year. I trust it may be a year of spiritual blessing to everyone within this house this evening. It takes a great deal more than a wish to make a happy year: it takes more than a wish, it takes a will. We could all be far happier than we have ever been, if we were quietly determined to be happy. For happiness does not depend so much on the kind of things we shall meet with in the year, as on the way we take them, the light we view them in, the angle from which we look at them. The plant which to the farmer is a weed, may be to the botanist a treasure-trove. The rain that is a disappointment to the child, may be just what the angler has been looking for. And the occurrence which is full of bitterness to one who has no eyes but those of earth, may be but another call to dedication for one who walks in the fellowship of heaven. It is a great thing, if we would be happy, to cultivate strenuously a point of view. Dress makes a wonderful difference in people, and one's thoughts are but the dress of things. In God's light we shall see light: in the deepest valley and in the darkest mile. To learn to look at things in God's perspective is one of the first secrets of repose.

Now I want you to take as your motto for the year the words which form our text this evening. "The Lord, he it is that doth go before thee" into the unknown land of the New Year. We cannot tell what the year may bring to us, what wealth of joy, what bitterness of sorrow. We cannot tell-why would we want to tell-"What is that to thee? follow thou Me." Right between us and everything that comes, mighty in love and wisdom and in power, there moves in front of us our heavenly Father. You may never have noticed how bent the Bible is on showing that God is everywhere around us. Turn where you will, to any point you please, and the Bible meets us saying, God is there. We hear a grea ...

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