by George H. Morrison

The God of the Patriarchs
George H. Morrison
Acts 7:32

There is no knowledge attainable by man so vital as the knowledge of his God. To know Him with whom we have to do is the most important thing in human life. When we remember that without His hand not a blade of grass would have been green-when we remember that we depend on Him for every heartbeat and for every breath-when we remember that time is but an island engirdled by the ocean of eternity, who does not feel the pressure to know God? If life eternal be life in glorious fullness, then to God must be eternal life. Did we know God in all His height and depth, we should have conquered time and death forevermore. And that is why, in this strange life of ours, with all its struggling interests and ambitions, there is nothing that can for a moment be compared with knowing Him with whom we have to do. Far more important than attaining wealth, though that be the one passion of the market-far more important than achieving fame, that last infirmity of noble mind-far more important than anything on earth, in present influence and in eternal issue, is knowing whose we are and whom we serve. Now that is the value of such texts as this. They illuminate the character of God. They draw aside, if only by a little, the cloudy curtain that conceals the throne. And so tonight I would dwell upon this text, for it has given me a threefold glimpse of God, and what in quiet hours it has given me, it is my duty and my joy to give to you.

The first truth I learn from our text is this, that God is the God of separate individuals.1

When we go back in thought to those dim days that lie upon the farthest verge of history, we are oppressed, wherever we may turn, by a strange feeling as of shadowy multitude. We catch the confused sound of human voices, as in a distant murmuring of ocean; we come on traces of unnumbered hordes, moving across the world like tidal waters; we light on relics of pyramid or fort, where thousands must ...

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