by George H. Morrison

Angelic Ministry
George H. Morrison
Hebrews 12:22, 24

"Do you believe in fairies, Mac?" asked Allan Cunningham1 of a Celtic friend of his. "Indeed I'm not very sure," was the reply; "but do you believe in them yourself, Mr. Cunningham?"

"I once did," replied the burly poet, "and I would to God I did so still, for mountain and moor have lost much of their charm to me since my faith in their existence has departed." He then quoted Campbell's beautiful lines:

"When science from creation's face
Enchantment's veil withdraws,
What lovely visions yield their place
To cold material laws."

And so tonight if I were to ask, "Do you believe in angels?" I think there are some here who would give Allan Cunningham's reply. "I once did," you would say with a great wistfulness, "and I would to God I did so still." In the church in Thurso where I began my ministry we used to enter the pulpit through red curtains. And I often noticed a little child in front, gazing very intently at these curtains. She thought that behind these curtains there was heaven; she thought that the preacher came right out of heaven. Every time the curtains moved a little, she looked for the flashing of the wings of angels. Poor child! She has had many a sorrow since, and she has ceased to look for the angels long ago. She has learned that what she took for heaven once is only a dusty loft with spiders' webs in it. And if you asked her, "Do you believe in angels?" I dare say she might reply like Allan Cunningham, "I once did, and I would to God I did so still." Now we are all going to be children again tonight. For twenty minutes we shall believe in angels. We shall believe, as Jesus Christ believed, that in the heights of heaven there are angelic hosts. And then, taking the life of Jesus, we shall ask ourselves this simple question, "At what particular seasons in the life of Jesus do we discover the angels coming in?"

Well, in the first place, we light upon the angels in the season when o ...

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