by Ivor Powell

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Symphonies in the Storms (30 of 34)
Series: Bible Oases: Spiritual Refreshment From Unlikely Places
Ivor Powell
Hebrews 12:11

Mrs. Charles Cowman, in her inspiring book Streams in the Desert, draws attention to a text in the epistle to the Hebrews and tells an interesting story about a man who owned a castle on the banks of the Rhine River in Germany. The innovative gentleman stretched wires between the towers of his elegant home, hoping the winds would play upon them and produce the music of an Aeolian harp. He waited for the breezes to blow but unfortunately was rewarded only by silence. Some time later a great storm devastated the area, and gale force winds blew upon the castle. When the gentleman stood at a window to survey the countryside, he heard the most entrancing sounds, for the hurricane was playing upon his wires, and the music could be heard even above the noise of the storm. Mrs. Cowman quoted a delightful poem:

Rain, rain,
Beating against the pane:
How endlessly it pours
Out of doors,
From the blackened sky;
Wonder why?

Flowers, flowers,
Upspringing after showers,
Blossoming fresh and fair,
Ah, God has explained
Why it rained.

There is nothing more entrancing than a bright spring morning which follows a tempestuous night. The Bible supplies thrilling examples of this fact.

Job... The Glowing Heart (Job 23:10)

The story of the sufferings of Job presents difficulties. To say the least, it seemed unfair that a righteous man should be compelled to suffer. The Bible explains how the event was permitted by Jehovah, but the fact remains that for the harassed farmer, it was hard to understand why God allowed such devastating experiences to overwhelm a good man. If Job ever asked, "Why has this happened to me?" he expressed the thoughts of innumerable people. The compensation given later by the Almighty was too late to ease the pain caused by the initial tragedies.

"Nevertheless afterward" when the patriarch remi ...

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