by Ivor Powell

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The Miracle in the Morning (10 of 34)
Series: Bible Oases: Spiritual Refreshment From Unlikely Places
Ivor Powell
II Kings 3:16-17, 20

During prolonged droughts in southern Africa, the need for water becomes acute, and periodically farmers convene special meetings in which to pray for rain. Sandy river beds provide playgrounds for children and ideal sites for picnics. A friend explained to me how he nearly lost his life on such an outing. The family was about to enjoy a meal when they heard a roaring sound coming from the direction of the mountains. Quickly they climbed to the top of the river banks, but they were only just in time, for a wall of water rushed down the arid bed sweeping away a phonograph, baby carriage, and their picnic baskets and food. A storm in the distant mountains had sent torrents of water rushing down the river bed, and if they had not responded immediately to the warning given by the father, all would have drowned. Yet, so my friend informed me, within an hour the water had disappeared, and calm was restored to the area.

Thousands of years ago in Israel a similar thing happened, but unfortunately, the account remains an unfamiliar story within the Scriptures. During the reign of Ahab, the king of Moab had been compelled to pay an enormous tribute to his conqueror. This meant a considerable loss to the nation's resources, for annually the king forfeited 100,000 lambs and 100,000 unshorn rams. After the death of Ahab when Jehoram succeeded his father, Mesha the king of Moab refused to continue the annual payment, and this aroused the anger of Israel's king. Believing help was needed to overcome the reluctant enemy, he sought assistance from the kings of Judah and Edom, and together they planned to subdue the rebellion. Unfortunately, they approached through the desert, and according to Josephus, when their guide took the wrong route in the wilderness, the united forces were soon in jeopardy. Their thirst became so intense, it was fea ...

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