by Ivor Powell

Jesus...Who Supplied a New Portrait of God
Ivor Powell
Luke 11:2

It was an exciting morning when Egerton Young, one of the first missionaries to the Canadian Indians, stood before a native audience in Saskatchewan. Three hundred chiefs and braves gathered to hear the paleface. They stood in a huge circle surrounding the young speaker as he explained the wonders of the redeeming love of God. At the conclusion of that initial message, several of the chiefs questioned the white man, but the last to speak was an old grizzly chief whose appearance was frightening. He said, "Once my hair was as black as a crow's wing; now it is getting white. Grey hairs on my head and grandchildren in my wigwam tell me I am getting old, and have not long to live. Yet, I have never heard such things as you have told us today. Missionary, when you spoke just now to the Great Spirit, did I hear you say 'Our Father'?"

"Yes," replied Mr. Young, "Our Father which art in heaven."

"That is very new and sweet to us," continued the Indian. "We never thought of the Great Spirit as 'Father.' We have heard Him in the thunder and have seen Him in the lightning, the tempest, and the blizzard, and were afraid. So, when you tell us the Great Spirit is our Father, that is very beautiful to us. And, Missionary, did you say the Great Spirit is your Father?"

"I did."

"And is He the Indian's father?"

"He is."

"Then we are brothers," the old man exclaimed. Mr. Young, who later described the scene, said the excitement that swept through the audience was marvelous to behold. The entire company invited him to remain so that he could explain more fully his wonderful message. They had viewed for the first time a true portrait of the Great Spirit and appreciated what had been seen.

The Changing Picture . . . a Heavenly Father

The Master was praying, and His watching disciples were fascinated. Serenity shone upon His face; words of grace fell from His lips; ecstasy emanated from His soul. ...

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