by Ivor Powell

Cain: Who Was Given a Second Chance
Ivor Powell
Genesis 4:6-7

From the book, "Bible Mirrors, Spiritual Reflections from the Word of God"

The story of Cain has always intrigued humankind. He was the first baby to rest in the arms of an adoring mother. He never attended school or played with other children; he never saw a book. Houses were unknown until he helped his father to build one; it was made of leaves, ferns, branches of trees, and mud bricks baked in the sun to give strength to the structure. Unlike the children of today the boy never saw automobiles, airplanes, or ships. He had strong legs and sound feet; they were his only means of transportation. He knew nothing of foreign countries, radio, or television, and during his youth, never met a stranger. Adam, his father, was a quiet contemplative man, an intellectual genius. It is extremely difficult to understand how he named every creature in existence. Cain was amazed when his parents appeared to have dominion over the wild animals. If he had been able to write, he could have bequeathed to humankind invaluable knowledge.

What did Cain think when Abel, that strange little bundle of life, arrived to join the family? He had never seen a baby with tiny fingers and toes, and had never heard gurgles of childish delight or the wails of an infant announcing its hunger. Did he become jealous when his younger brother received increasing attention?

Cain's Childhood . . . Discerning

For several years that first child was compelled to live in comparative isolation; his parents and he were the sole occupants of an unexplored world. They lived in a garden, but later became nomads. The Bible says, "Therefore the Lord God sent him forth from the garden of Eden to till the ground from whence he was taken." Adam and his wife often reminisced, and when they sat with their sons, Cain and Abel became aware of the first events in history.

It is interesting that the boys eventually brought offerings to a God ...

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