The Touch
Charles H. Spurgeon
Mark 5:28

The miracle of the healing of this woman occurred while our Savior was on the road to the house of Jairus to raise his daughter. I have not much doubt that although in itself it was a very remarkable miracle, it was not meant to stand quite alone, but had a relation to the Lord's dealings with Jairus. If I read the narrative rightly, the ruler of the synagogue was about to have his faith severely tried. He had come to the Savior saying that his daughter was lying at the point of death and beseeching Him to come and heal her. But before He had reached the house other messengers came to say, "Thy daughter is dead: why troublest thou the Master any further?"

Now, in order that the faith of Jairus might be prepared for that shock, our Lord had afforded him the sight of a special miracle wrought upon this woman. Our Lord had said to him, "Fear not: believe only, and she shall be made whole." As old Bishop Hall says, "To make this good, by the touch of the verge of his garment he revived a woman from the verge of death." It is singular that the case of his little daughter of twelve years of age was here placed within the region of hope by our Lord's healing a woman who had been exactly the same time subject to a grievous and incurable malady. A woman who led a living death is healed that Jairus may believe that his dead daughter may be raised to life.

We never know when God blesses us how much blessing He is incidentally bestowing upon others. It may be that even our conversion had a far-reaching but very distinct connection with the conversion of others. Grace smiles upon its personal subject, but its object reaches beyond the private benefit of the individual. The Lord is strengthening the faith of another of His children, or it may be He is actually working faith in a convinced soul, when He is accepting and honoring our faith and saving us. We speak of killing two birds with one stone, but our Savior knows how to b ...

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