by Charles H. Spurgeon

Mr. Spurgeon at a Wedding
Charles H. Spurgeon

We do not look upon the ceremony of marriage as, in itself, a religious service; it is the entrance into a legal contract, binding upon the parties thus united, altogether apart from their position as believers or unbelievers. It is our conviction, however, that everything that is right should be "sanctified by the Word of God and prayer"; therefore it is seemly that there should be a gathering together of Christian friends to witness the pledging of fidelity on the part of those who are to be married, and to commend them specially to the Lord in prayer. Marriage is nearly the most important event in our lives; it has almost everything to do with our future careers. So many interests are bound up in it, in the days to come it may bring us so much happiness or it may cause us so much sorrow, that we cannot plead too earnestly for the Lord's guidance and blessing upon everything connected with it.

Marriage is the only thing that has come down to us out of Paradise, and that has something of the Paradisaical state still clinging to it. Marriage has been used by our Lord Jesus Christ as the emblem of His love to His church, and of His union with her, and that fact puts high honor upon it. Jesus wrought His first miracle at a wedding, and it was a very significant miracle, turning water into wine, as if to show that life, after marriage, becomes more full, more rich, more exhilarating, than it was before. And the golden book of Revelation closes with a wedding, "the marriage of the Lamb." Just as many a story of fiction winds up "they were married, and lived happily ever afterward," so God's great story of fact, "the old, old story, of Jesus and His love," winds up with a wedding. Oh, may every one of us be called to the marriage supper of the Lamb, and live forever with Him in glory!

It is our earnest prayer that our brother, whom the Lord has made useful in the ministry, may become doubly useful from this time; h ...

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