by Charles H. Spurgeon

The Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus
Charles H. Spurgeon
2 Timothy 2:8

From long sickness my mind is scarcely equal to the work before me. Certainly, if I had ever sought after brilliance of thought or language, I would have failed today, for I am almost at the lowest stage of incapacity. I have only been comforted in the thought of preaching to you this morning by the reflection that it is the doctrine itself which God blesses, and not the way in which it may be spoken; for if God had made the power to depend upon the speaker and his style, He would have chosen that the Resurrection, grandest of all truths, should have been proclaimed by angels rather than by men. Yet He set aside the seraph for the humbler creature. After angels had spoken a word or two to the women their testimony ceased. The most prominent testimony to the Resurrection of the Lord was at the first that of holy women, and afterward that of each one of the guileless men and women who made up the five hundred or more whose privilege it was to have actually seen the risen Savior, and who therefore could bear witness to what they had seen, though they may have been quite unable to describe with eloquence what they had beheld.

Upon our Lord's rising I have nothing to say, and God's ministers have nothing to say, beyond bearing witness to the fact that Jesus Christ of the seed of David was raised from the dead. Put it in poetry, tell it out in sublime Miltonic verse, it will come to no more; tell it out in monosyllables, and write it so that little children may read it in their first spelling books, and it will come to nothing less. "The Lord is risen indeed" is the sum and substance of our witness when we speak of our risen Redeemer. If we do but know the truth of this Resurrection, and feel the power of it, our mode of utterance is of secondary consequence, for the Holy Spirit will bear witness to the truth, and cause it to produce fruit in the minds of our hearers.

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