by Charles H. Spurgeon

The Old Gospel for the New Century
Charles H. Spurgeon
Matthew 11:28

You have doubtless heard several sermons from this text already. I have discoursed upon it, I know not how many times-not so many times, however, as I intend yet to do if God shall spare my life. This verse is one of those great wells of salvation from which we may always be drawing, for we can never exhaust it. Our proverb says, "Drawn wells are the sweetest," and the more we draw from such a text as this, the sweeter and the fuller does its meaning appear to us.

I am going, on this occasion, to use this passage in a special way, so as to bring out just one single point of its teaching. I might speak, if I wished to do so, of the rest which Jesus Christ gives to the heart, the mind, the conscience, of those who believe in Him. This is the rest, this is the refreshment, which those who come to Him find, for we might read it, "I will refresh you," or "I will relieve you," and I should have a very sweet topic if I were to discourse upon the wonderful relief, the divine refreshment, the blessed rest, which comes to the heart through believing in Jesus Christ. May you all experience that blessing, dear friends! May your rest, your peace, be very deep! May it not be a pretended restfulness, but a rest which will endure searching and testing! May your rest be a lasting one! May your peace be like a river that never ceases to flow! May your peace be always a safe one-not a false peace, which will end in destruction, but a true, solid, justifiable peace, which will endure throughout your whole lives, and ultimately melt away into the rest of God at His right hand forever! Happy are the people who thus rest in Christ; may we be among that number, and if we are so already, may we penetrate still more deeply into this glorious rest!

I might also speak, dear friends, upon the various ways in which the Lord gives rest to believers, and I might speak specially to some of you who are believers, but wh ...

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