by Charles H. Spurgeon

Young Man, Is This for You?
Charles H. Spurgeon
Luke 7:11-17

Behold, dear friends, the overflowing, ever-flowing power of our Lord Jesus Christ. He had wrought a great work upon the centurion's servant, and now, only a day after, He raises the dead. "It came to pass the day after, that he went into a city called Nain." Day to day utters speech concerning His deeds of goodness. Did He save your friend yesterday? His fullness is the same; if you seek Him, His love and grace will flow to you today. He blesses this day, and He blesses the day after. Never is our divine Lord compelled to pause until He has recovered His resources, but virtue goes out of Him forever. Those thousands of years have not diminished the aboundings of His power to bless.

Behold, also, the readiness and naturalness of the outgoings of His life-giving power. Our Savior was journeying, and He works miracles while on the road: "He went into a city called Nain." It was incidentally, some would say accidentally, that He met the funeral procession; and at once He restored to life this dead young man. Our blessed Lord was not standing still, as one professionally called in. He does not seem to have come to Nain at anyone's request for the display of His love, but He was passing through the gate into the city for some reason which is not recorded. See, my brothers and sisters, how the Lord Jesus is always ready to save! He healed the woman who touched Him in the throng when He was on the road to quite another person's house. The mere spillings and droppings of the Lord's cup of grace are marvelous. Here He gives life to the dead when He is en route; He scatters His mercy by the roadside, and anywhere and everywhere His paths drop fatness. No time, no place, can find Jesus unwilling or unable. When Baal is on a journey, or sleeps, his deluded worshipers cannot hope for his help; but when Jesus journeys or sleeps, a word will find Him ready to conquer death or to quell the tempest.

It was a re ...

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