by Charles H. Spurgeon

The Joy of Holy Households
Charles H. Spurgeon
Psalm 118:15-16

A believer in Christ is not long without finding joy. He is in the land which flows with milk and honey, and he will get a sip of sweetness very soon. Like Nicodemus, he comes to Jesus in the dark, but the sun is rising. When he casts himself at the foot of the Cross, his dawning has begun, and before long he will walk in the light: being justified by faith, he will have peace with God. And not only so, for he also learns to joy in God, through our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom also he has received the atonement. This joy is in him and abounds, so that he belongs to a happy people. It is true that all believers are not equally happy, but they have each one of them a right to be exceeding glad. Some float upon a flood tide of joy, while others drift upon the ebb; but they are all in the same stream, and it is bearing them on to the ocean of perfect felicity. All who trust in Christ as they ought to do will find a measure of this joy springing up within them, keeping company with the new life which the Holy Spirit has created. Ours is peace which passes all understanding and joy unspeakable.

This joy is contagious; it spreads like a sweet perfume. The happy man makes others happy. The man who is full of the blessedness of God overflows for others. Music is not alone for him who makes it, but for all who have ears. The happy man's influence is first felt at home; he goes home to his own family a converted man, and they soon perceive the change. He tells them of what the Lord has done; but even if he did not do so, they would soon discover by his gentleness, his love, his truth, his holiness, that something remarkable had happened to him. His actions, his words, his temper, his spirit, are singularly altered, and those around him can see it. He is glad, and before long they are glad, too. When the man is better, everybody who belongs to him is the better for his improvement. When the man's own heart re ...

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