by Charles H. Spurgeon

The Angelic Life
Charles H. Spurgeon
Matthew 22:30

We must all of us develop one way or the other. Manhood, as we see it here, is but the green blade or, at the best, the corn in the ear; the full corn in the ear will only be seen in the world to come. We must either descend or ascend; none of us can remain in the position which he occupies today. Some are sliding every hour downward, descending by the force of evil habits. More and more do they become the serfs and slaves of the Devil; and by consequence, more and more developed into his image and find their doom written in these words, "Depart into everlasting fire in hell, prepared for the devil and his angels. You followed Satan, you grew more and more like him, and now receive the heritage appointed for him." On the other hand, he who by repentance and faith is brought into the fellowship of the Gospel receives grace upon grace; he advances from glory to glory in a more perfect resemblance to heavenly beings, and, at the last, angels having rejoiced over his repentance, angels to whom he had become like carry his soul into the bosom of God. Which shall it be with you, man? Will you ripen for the golden sickle and for the harvest home of heaven, or will you blacken for the scythe of iron which shall mow you down, to be bound up in the bundle with your fellows and consumed as tares? One or other it must be. O may infinite grace overcome our natural tendencies, and may we be among those who go from strength to strength, until they ascend into the hill of the Lord and are made like to the angels.

Without farther preface, the subject of this morning's discourse will be in what respects the life of spirits before the throne is like to that of angels; and then, secondly, we may have, perhaps, a few practical thoughts about the commencement of the angelic life while yet here below.

In What Respects Are Those Saints Who Have Passed the Stream of Death Like unto the Angels?

The likeness, though it lies in ...

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