by Charles H. Spurgeon

Fallen Angels a Lesson to Fallen Men
Charles H. Spurgeon
2 Peter 2:4

These are ancient things. Most men hunger after the latest news; let us on this occasion go back upon the earliest records and think of the hoar past, before man was made. It does us good to look back upon the past of God's dealings with His creatures; herein lies the value of history. We should not confine our attention to God's dealings with men, but we should observe how He acts toward another order of beings-how He dealt with angels before man had become the second sinner. If angels transgress, what is His conduct toward them? This study will enlarge our minds and show us great principles in their wider sweep. We shall inevitably make mistakes in our judgment as to God's conduct toward men if we do not remember sufficiently how He has dealt with beings who are in certain respects much superior to the human race. By seeing how God treated the rebellious angels, light may be cast upon His dealings with us, and thereby misapprehensions may be removed.

We shall go to our subject at once, asking aid from the Spirit of all grace. We will first view the mysterious fact of the fall of the angels and their casting away for our warning. Then, secondly, we shall regard the fact of the hopeless doom of the angels that sinned as it stands in contrast to the amazing mercy of the Lord toward men. Thus our second head will lead us to view the text for our admiration; I hope for the increase of our grateful love and reverent wonder.

For Our Warning

"God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell." Behold here a wonder of wickedness, angels sin; a wonder of justice, God spared them not; a wonder of punishment, He cast them down to hell; a wonder of future vengeance, for they are reserved to judgment! Here are deep themes, and terrible. Black as tempest are the facts, and flashes of terrible lightning flame forth therefrom.

Let us receive a warning, first, against the deceivab ...

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