by Ronnie Floyd

Sermon #5
"Go For The Gold"
James 1:12-18

During Scripture Reading: What is A Christian? Slave, per-
severes with joy through trials, one who is wise, and one who
has the accurate and biblical attitude toward this world and
its materials.
Introduction: This past year in Los Angelos the American
Olympic team went for the gold! The work that they did was
to achieve gold medals in every area.
T.S. In the Christian life we are to go for the gold! The
gold is that final crown given to us and that is the crown
of life. The moving experience of watching an American sing
his star-spangled banner on the top of a winner's stand will
be non-comparable the day that Jesus will honor us with the
crown of life before the millions who have also been washed
in the blood of the cross! Heaven's choirs will be sing-
ing "Worthy is the Lamb to be slain, to receive power, honor
riches, and glory."
Tonight I want to speak to us about the disciplines of the
Christian life that must be experienced and followed if we
are to receive the crown of life. If our Olympic heroes had
not followed a disciplined routine in training then they
could not be found on the winner's stand!
There is not a crown greater than the crown of life which
is the experience of living eternally and abundantly in
Jesus Christ in a place called heaven. James uses a dy-
namic term here: Other crowns in this day:
a. Crown of flowers-worn at times of joy (Weddings-Feasts)
b. Crown of royalty-Worn by kings
c. Crown of laurel leaves-Worn by winner of athletic
d. Crown was the mark of honor and of dignity
*The Christian has all of these traits and more!
One can wrap up all the above meanings ...

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