by Ronnie Floyd

JOSH 1:35-42
N MARCH 5! 1989
INTRODUICTION: How many of you in this room tonight have per-
sonally led someone to Jesus Christ? How many of you in this
room tonight have invited someone to church and they have re-
ceived Christ?
In either case we call that bringing people to Jesus!
Tonight, I want us to look at a Ban by the name of Andrew who
was a great man because he brought people to Jesus.
1. ANDREW, THE hAK.(v.40)
lxp: Thirteen times in the New Testament do you see his
naie mentioned. There were two notable events in
his life I want you to notice tonight:
(1) Bringing Simon Peter his brother to Jesus.
(2) Bringing the lad to Jesus who had five loaves
and two fishes and the Lord Jesus fed 5,000
people from this small amount of food.
*I believe one could conclude from what we know
about Andrew that he was a sincere follower of
Jesus. He had a love for those who did not know
Jesus. Be was a &an of average capacity.
Ill: This is typical in God's workings in the Bible.
(Moses had his physical problems; Paul had his)
App: You may say tonight, 'I have no remarkable talent
or gift.' Bowever, you must know and understand
that God wants to use ordinary men and women to
do extraordinary things through their lives!
2. TBe GOAL OF ANDBLN.(vs. 41-42)
lxp: The goal of Andrew was to bring his brother Simon
to Jesus Christ.
App: What are your spiritual goals in life? Our
spiritual goal should be to bring people to Jesus.
The people we should bring to Jesus are our
friends, our family members, our acquaintances, our
business associates, and the people we do not even
know in life yet.
tThe spiritual goal of each Sunday School class
should be to bring people to Jesus. The spiritual
goal of each church organization and ministry
should be to bring people to Jesus.
t*then Andrew brought Peter to Jesus do you think
he knew of the value that Peter wo ...

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