by Ronnie Floyd

Philippians 2:5-11
Part 1

INTRODUCTION: People see other people-We elevate or exalt
men who hit home runs in world series, score T.D.'s in foot-
ball ganes or become successful in business. Most persons who
are exalted above others in our minds are really great people.
They are elevated to positions of authority because they have
paid the price to be successful and receive the praise of men.
Whether it is President Ronald Reagan, Ray Knight-the most
valuable player in this year's world series, Herschel Walker
who is the new spark in the Dallas Cowboy offense, or Tan
Sellick 0o captivates the hearts of America in Hollywood----
Nbte are coparable to the exalted Lord Jesus Christ. Who
does the Bible say this Jesus is?
T.S: If one of our priorities is to praise, worship, preach
ain teach about the exalted Christ then let's look together
today in the Word. This paragraph of Scripture is known as
Paul's Christological statement--who he believed Jesus was
and is todayl
1. rIE PRE-E1S7ENT JESUS.(2:6)
Exp: "form or nature" is the word 'nrtphe"-This word
stresses the inner essence or reality of that with
which it is associated. Paul was saying that Christ
is of the very essence of God. It stresses His ex-
treme likeness of God.
"eqE1 ity with God"-possessing full diety-God of
Heavaen-Part of the triune God.
"prsspd"-held onto-When Christ became a man he did
not hesitate to set aside who He was in order to
walk in human flesh.
Ill: Psalm 2-Davidic King*Jesus as God existed before all
the world. Jesus was already God.
Ill: Colossians 1:15-18; John 1:1-3; John 17:5.
App: Jesus was fully God-All divine, perfect diety.
App: As He was in heaven he was experiencing all of the
majesty and glory of God for he was God. He was
pre-existent- T.S: Sw his creation, Adam and Eve fall into sin.
He- aw generation after generation fall into sin.
He saw them die spiri ...

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