by Ronnie Floyd

"Religious Delusions"
James 1:22-27

Introduction: As a small boy, football, delusions of gran-
deaur! Trick my mind into believing that something was so
when it really was not!
T.S. "delude"-Gr. word is "paralogisomai"-It means to de-
ceive or delude oneself.
*To delude means to mislead the mind or judgement"to trick"
Explaination of Verse 22--To hear the word of God and to do
nothing about it is to trick your mind or judgement into be-
lieving you are religious! The real mark of being religi-
ous is obedience to Scripture
This is why I have chosen to call this message religous delu-
Illustration: Verses 23-24--talks about a man who looked at
himself in a mirror--left and forgot what he saw! He likens
this to a Christian hearing what he is supposed to do and
then not doing it!
James 1:22 (NIV) says, "Do not merely listen to the word,
and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says!"
The great trickster of all, Satan, has deceived many of us
into believing we are religious by coming to church and hear
when God says your religion is dependant upo ...

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