by Ronnie Floyd

"The Sin of Partiality"
James 2:1-13

Introduction: We all have blind areas in our lives. A
Blind area is a problem that we do G know we have, yet
they glare out to others.
T.S. James tells a story of two men coming in to church
and talks about he people's response to them. The two
men were judged on their economic status and outward ap-
pearnance. Many times paritiality or favoristism is a
blind area in our lives! Why is it wrong to be partial
or show favoritism? I want to talk to you about the
sin of partiality!
1. The Sin of Partiality is Contrary to Faith in Jesus.(2:1,9)
Exp: Christ is glorious-Word for glorious isshekinah of
O.T. which rabbies taught as the visible presence of
God. James was saying that Jesus was the full manis-
festation of God. It should be impossible to show
partiality in the presence of God/
Ill: Thanksgiving service in Milford, Texas!
App: Why else is it contrary to faith in Jesus?
A. Because it means that one is making distincitoins
among people whom God accepts as equal.
Ill: Jesus accepted all people.
Acts 10 says, "In truth I understand that God shows no
partiality." All distinctions died in Christ.
(Galations 3:28) One who judges on outward is ungodly!
B. Because people become judges when they are partial.
Judgment is left to God.
C. Becau ...

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