by Ronnie Floyd

"I Will Glory In the Lord"
James 1:9-11

INTRODUCTION: An attitude definition!
Jesus spoke on several occassions concerning man and
his attitude toward material things!
James speaks in this text concerning our attitude to-
ward things! I want to take apart this text tonight for you
and then at the conclusion give you some practical helps
that I believe Jesus is talking about to us through James!
Explanation of Text:
a. In James 2:6-7, 4:16, & 5:1-6 he condemns the rich for
their ungodly attitude and conduct, however, in 1:9-11
he commends the Christian rich for being brothers in
the Lord. James is saying in this text that in Christ-
iaminty riches do noQt count! He discuss-es the proper
attitude towards material possessions. *Important!:
*A poor man who longs for riches is as guilty as the
rich man who has trouble with greed!
b. Verse 9 picks up on the idea of joy in verse 2. It
means that we are to rejoice in or boast in our condi-
tion before God.
c. The glory of the poor man:
1. He can boast in new wisdom as he sees life the way
that God sees it.
2. He can boast in his new wealth.(Romans 8:16-17)
3. He can boast in his new wardrobe--Justification!
"Clothed in his righteousness alone, faultless to
stand before thy throne." (Col. 3:12-13)
*True riches: Found in grace, love, and righteousness!
d. The glory of the rich man:
He is viewed as a Christian brother in this text: How
can a rich man be made low? self surrender in becom-
ing a Christian!
1. Glory in his new position--Now he is a saved rich
man who stands for truth, honesty, & integrity!
He may have a price to pay for this!
2. Glory in his new perspective--understands the place
of his material possessions!
Illustration: (10-11) Palestine--desert places-Rain
comes-green shoots of grass spro ...

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