by Ronnie Floyd

Sermon #1
"Slavery, Is that Christian?"
James 1:1

INTRODUCTION TO THE BOOK: James, the half brother of Jesus, is the author of this booK!
Three James' in the N. T.
a. James, son of Alphaeus, was one of 12
b. James, son of Zebedee and brother of John
C. James, half brother of Jesus-One of four younger brothers of Jesus.
a. Converted by appearance of resurrected Christ.(1 Cor. 15:7)
b. Joined followers of Christ.(Acts 1:14)
c. Rose to position of great authority in early church.(Acts 12:17)
*Tradition gives James the brother of Jesus as the author of the book.
Concrete evidence-verbal similarities between this epistle and the speech of James
as moderator at the Jerusalem Conference.(Acts 15:13-21) He was an acknowledged
leader of Jewish Christianity!
Date: James was martyred for his Lord in 62 AD. Probable date was 48-50 AD. It
was the earliest book in terms of authorship in N.T. *Not accepted by many, including
Martin Luther, as he felt it contradicted Pauline doctrine on justification by faith alone!
Recepients of his epistle: Jewish Christians outside of Palestine. It was a general group
of people, in fact, it is difficult to know what the purpose of the book is because of
not knowing specifically who it was written to.
Theme: The purpose of theme of book deals with what is genuine or practical religion, or
if you may choose, What a Christian really is! Paul and James are not contradictory in
theology, but each had two purposes in their writing and each were responding to different
INTRODUCTION TO THE SERMON: Is slavery Christian? In this particular case, yes, because
the Bible literally says, James was a slave to God! The Greek word is "doulos"(only N.T.
writer to refer to himself by that term without qualification with the exception of Jude)
Paul calls himself a slave and an apostle of J.C., but James only is a slave of J.C.
Ill: There is absolute dependance in which the total comm ...

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