by Ronnie Floyd

"Peter's First Sermon"
Acts 2:14-41

Introduction: My first sermon in 1972!
T.S. When the Holy Spirit blew at Pentecost he endowed Peter
to preach his first sermon. This morning I want us to look
into his sermon and see the message that won over 3,000 people
to Jesus Christ.
I. HIS CONTENT.(2:14-36)
1. Was based on the authority of Scripture.
(Acts 2:16-21 is quote from Joel 2:28-32)
(Acts 2:25-28 is qoute from Psalm 16:8-11)
(Acts 2:34-35 is qoute from Psalm 110:1)
Exp: I believe this book is the word of God. It is
infallible and contains no error at all.
Ill: For men to question the historicity of Genesis
1-11, the miracles of Jesus, the bodily resur-
rection of Christ, whether Jesus is the only
way to salvation, or mock God's Word is the
attitudes and beliefs of a liberal theology.
Ill: Two common factors in growing, evangelistic,
congregations: a. Pastors bel-ie've i-n the
inerrancy of Scripture b. Preach verse-by-
verse in worship services.
App: One compromise of God's Word leads to another.
If one liberal thought sneaks into our denomi-
nation, the end result is that we will be
denying the cardinal doctrines of our faith
and we will one day have no missionary pro-
gram at all.
2. Promoted the supernatural nature of God.(Acts 2:22)
Exp: Miracles, "dunamis" works of power.
wonders, "teras" a phenomena that caused one
to look again at Jesus
Signs, "semeion" stresses the spiritual truth
embodied in the miracle
App: If one denies the supernatural nature of God he
denies the infallibility of Scripture and can-
not be saved.
3. Was centered in what Jesus did on the cross.(2:23)
Exp: Death of Jesus is watershed of redemption.
App: He died for you.
4. Confirmed the resurrection of Jesus Christ.(2:24).
Exp & App: A must to give credibility to the mes--
-l -
5. Endorsed the coming of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost.
(Acts 2:33) He was saying, God did this!
6. Announced that Jesus Christ is the exalted Lord and

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