by Ronnie Floyd


INTRODUCTION: The scene is the country of China in 1925.
Sun-Ya tsen Ilad a well-e( il1 pl)ed army. 'I'lTe rarmy Was going
to overthrow thec War -do s Sco (llila cnn I h0ave one government.
The American Gov't became alarmed and ordered all missionaries
to the port cities of Chefoo and Tsinigtau in- case of evacuation-
the whole country was in turmoil, in the depths of spiri-
tual despair, churches were cold and apathetic. Many mission-
aries resigned and came back to America. C.L. Culpepper and
his wife Ola remained in Chefoo. A bible conference was
held for missionaries. A Norweigan, Evangelical, Lutheran
missionary spoke and gave her testimony. She testified
of an unusual, moving experience with God. After this when
she met Missionary Culpepper she asked him immediately,
"Have you ever been filled with the Spirit?" Later on that
week Ola Culpepper was healed of almost blindness!
1931 many missionaries began being saved. The holiness
of God and the darkness of sin became apparent. Missionary
Culpepper pondered the question he was asked about the filling
of the Spirit. God told him and reminded him of one sin he
had failed to confess and get right with another source.
While at Baylor University he worked in cafeteria. $6 not
returned. Wrote president! President responded!
Revival came into the life of Missionary Culpepper. He
is still living today going about the country at 90+ years
to share of this revival movement through which thousands
were saved known as the Shantung Revival. I SAY, LORD DO IT
Missionary Culpepper said that all movings of God have
a pattern they follow. This pattern is:
1. Degeneration of spiritual power among God's people.
2. Realization of a desperate need.
3. Deep conviction of sin.
4. Agonizing prayer.
5. Turning away from all wickedness and worldliness.
T.S. Duncan Campbell writes in his book, "The Nature of A
God-Send Revival" that the difference between evangelism
and revival ...

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