by Ronnie Floyd

"What the Bible Says About Healing, Faith, and Prayer"
James 5:13-18

Introduction: Movement in America today that says people
that are sick should always be healed. (Demon-possessed,
stricken with lack of faith, or etc..)
Verse 13
suffering-sickness, bereavement, disappointment,
persecution, oppression by the rich.
mra-James says it is the only way to respond to
suffering(lean on Me)
cheerful-the mind or spirit is well or happy
sing praises-songs of praise and thanksgiving(Eph.5)
It is the natural result of a cheerful heart is
to praise God.
Ill: The place of singing praise in worship!
Verse 14
sick-any kind of physical infirmity or illness.
let him call-Initiated by the one that is sick
Elders of the ch'rurh-(We would use 'pFas-to-rs' today)
3 words refer to office of pastor:
a. elder-referring to honor of office
b. bishop-refers to assignment or responsi-
bility of office.
c. shepherd-pastoral care of the congregation.
of the church-not some guy not even affiliated with
the local church.(Cry about oil)
let them pray over them-with him and for him with
one purpose in mind-(healing)
Yet, one reason people experience suffering
and sickness is that God orders it as a
result of disobedience(l Cor. ll)God-imposed!
anointing him with oil-If you went to 12 different
commentaries you would receive 12 different
answers! Is this process medicinal or sym-
bolic of something we should do religiously.
Original languages can tell us what it says:
Hebrew word for anoint-"mashach"-it was used
in a sense of a special setting apart of
someone for an office or function.
Two Greek words for anoint that are confused
when people attempt to interpret this text:
a. "aleipho"-used for an anointing of any kind
whether it be physical refreshment or after
washing. It could be correctly translated
massage. Understand, it indicates medici-
nal or medicine purposes.
b. "chrio"-This word is confined and limited
tosacred and symbolical anointi ...

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