by Ronnie Floyd

Series on Spiritual Warfare
Sermon #3

Introduction: Have any of you had any spiritual battles in the
last three or four weeks? Who is winning? Are you recognizing
who your enemy is everytime it comes?
T.S: In order to be able to know our enemy, his actions, and
ts- influence on us we mist look at all the names for him in the
Bible and the meanings of each of them. Wherractivity goes on
in your life or someone else's life and it is characterized by
some of these actions then you know that the activity is demonic
"Thirteen Nae"
1. LUCIFER: (Isaiah 14:12) The name means, "light-bearer."
As he had fallen from His Heavenly position he nows comes
as an angel of light to deceive God's people!
App: He makes you see light when it is not there.(Deceiv'
2. SATAN: (Zechariah 3:1; 1 Peter 5:8)
The name means "adversary". Satan is a constant, relent-
less, opponent.
App: The very word adversary or opponent should be under-
stood that anytime, anyone, including you opposes
God's work or what God is trying to do you are un-
der the inflilpnce of Satan. Satan Opposes!
*Satan is your opposition that never gives up on you
He wants to devour youl Any type of rebellion is
of Satanl
3. DEVIL: (1 Peter 5:8)
"abolos"-The name means, "slanderer." The name devil
represents that there is one devil, but many demons.
Satan loves to slander God's people before others. To
slander is to give a malicious false report!
App: Anytime you say slanderous things about someone,
the devil is using you.
Rebuke any person who spews forth slanderous
things fron their mouths for it or they are speak-
ing as a devil.
4. A M LLKAND A LIAR: (John 8:44)
Satan desires to murder all believers and lie to them and
about them. Jesus called it like it was.
App: Satan wants to kill you, lie about you, all of dev.
5. Prince of this World: (Jobn 12:31)
Satan is a powerful manipulator in this world. He is the
ruler of it! It is his territory! On ...

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