by Ronnie Floyd

Part 1

INTRODUCTION: What is the God Factor in your church? It is
recognizing that true and lasting church growth occurs only
when the church
*considers God in all its plans,
*consults Him in all its efforts.
*seeks His confirming Hand in all its
In Matthew 16:18 Jesus said, "I will build my church.!$ Jesus
is the greatest church growth agent in the world. Remember,
it is God who does the building by using people to accomplish
the main task of the church. What is the main task of the
Would you read with me Matthew 28:19-20?
When the church truly believes that the Great Commission of
Jesus is its greatest cause and relies upon God for its
authority and power, the God Factor is at work.
Many times churches choose the human factor over the God
Factor. For example, churches focus on human choices to
give them power and growth. Choices in
*building size.
*choices in location.
*choices in programming.
*choices in entertaining worship.
The results of these humanistic efforts are carnal Christians
and powerless churches. Therefore, quit looking for a fast
food, smorgasboard approach to your ministry and real church
growth. Get God involved in your church!
n Ephesean 221 e e the power of the God Factor at
Vt~~k. Would you read iw~ih me Ehsas 3:12O-21Il
The phrase "exceedingly abundantly" is a double superlative.
It calls us into a supernatural dimension that allows God to
accomplish more than you can imagine. (God . Moment . Life)
In Matthew 16:18 after Jesus states that He will build His
church, He also says that "the gates of hell shall not
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prevail against it.+- Death is powerful. Hell is powerful.
However, Jesus states that death or hell cannot overpower His
church. So many churches are backing up, retreating, to the
changing times in which we live. However, if we do not have
to back up to hell and death, we do not have to retreat to
these changing times in our w ...

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