by Ronnie Floyd

Acts 27-28

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T.S: Many times in life we ma detours on the way to living
in God's will. God's will for all our lives is to have a
personal relationship with Jesus. Do you have that? God's
will for each of us that do is for us to live inthe fulness
of His Spirit. Christians only live in the will of God,
the fulness of the Spirit, when we are obedient to God's word.
Many times, churches do not accomplish God's will for them
because they have taken detours on getting there. I want
to share this message with you today on ,Detours to God's will
Explanation of Text: Paul had repeatedly asked God to allow
him to go to Rome. Finally, God permitted him to do so,
through trial and the authority of Festus. In Acts 28:30-31,
we see Paul once he got to Rome, God brought people to him and
many were saved. Some scholars believe it was after this two
year stay that Paul was beheaded. Others believed he was
released and continued his missionary journeys. The truth I
want you to grasp is that it was definitely God's will for
Paul to be in Rome. NOTICE: When you are in God's will you
will be blessed as Paul was blessed. A Christian cannot live
out of God's will and experience spiritual, physical, or
material blessings. The devil may bless you, but God will
never fill your life with peace.
T.S: Paul knew God's will for his life. God opened the door
to Rome. By the way, if it is God's will for you to do some-
thing you will not have to kick it open. The door will open
on its own. Many times detours come in our lives for the
purpose of making us more like Jesus and many times detours
come because of our disobedience to the Word of God.
Restate: God's will for you as an individual and a church is
to live in a state of spiritual revival. The fulness of the
Holy Spirit. The power of God. To glorify Jesus. To win
people to Jesus.

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