by Ronnie Floyd

Daniel 4:30
Pastor's Conference of the Southern Baptist Convention
June 12, 1994

INTRODUCTION: Did you know that the Southern Baptist
Convention baptized only 14,181 more people in 1993 than
we did in 1949? This 4% increase in baptisms has occurred
over the last 45 years while our nation's population has 5
grown by more than 75%. In 1949, we baptized less than
one-fourth of one percent of our nation's population, while in
1993 we baptized barely one-eighth of one percent of our
nation's population. In 1949 it took 20 Southern Baptists to
reach one person. In 1993 it took 44 Southern Baptists to
reach one person. Do you realize that if we had continued
having approximately 20 persons reaching one person over
the past forty-five years, that as a convention we would have
a membership of over 50 million people and last year we
would have baptized just under 2.5 million people rather than
349,073 people?
Without a doubt, we are losing ground on influencing our
nation for Jesus. As well, our passion for evangelism is
somewhere between mediocre to non-existent. We are not
making a maior difference for Christ in pagan America.
A moment ago I read some words that came from the lips of
.King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon. He was just like the people'
of our day who do not know God. He was Dolvtheistic in his
beliefs meaning that he believed in many gods. People in
America today are serving many gods. He was oroud in that
hi self-respect turned into self-w'orship. This is why he t;
constructed a golden statue of himself that was 90 feet talle,
'fld 9 feet wide. I am not sure there is a more dangerous
religion in America today then the worship of self. The X
church is becoming more interested in people having better
self-esteem than we are in reaching people for Jesus.
Nebuchadnezzar also had a life of many nossessions.
Babylon was a picture of wealth demonstrated through the
gold that was everywh ...

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