by Ronnie Floyd

"Developing a 'God Size' Life"
Acts 4:31
January 16, 1994
INTRODUCTION: One-of the great thinkers
ol our generation is evangelist/ apolo-
g..;~, Ravi Zacharias. He was born in
Ind-ia nd at age 17 survived a suicide
attempt." while lying in his hospital
room in New Delhi, he vowed, "I will
leave no'stone unturned in my pursuit of
truth." It was then he became a Chris-
In a recent interview with Ravi Zacharias
he- was asked, "What do you see as the
most pressing need of the world's best
educated people?" He responded, and I
"The most pressing question of our
time is whether man can live without
God. As the term God becomes more
- and more ill-defined in our time, it
is imperative that politics, educa-
tion, and society understand the
ramifications of answering life's
basic questions as if God did
~; not exist. How do you explain
- origin, morality, meaning, and des-
tiny apart from God?"
Much of our culture today lives as if God
does not exist. Even in the Bible belt
of America, this is true.
The only way our culture is going to
become convinced that God is still around
and alive is to see His work taking place
in us. God wants to have the freedom to
demonstrate Himself through us, His ves-
As I talk to you today about, "Developing
A 'God-Size' Life", what do I mean by a
'God-Size' life? Am I saying we become
like little Gods? Absolutely not! There
is only one God and He has already come
in human flesh and His name is Jesus
Christ. What I am saying, is that God
wants to be Himself in us and through us.
Therefore, He wants to do some 'God Size'
things through you and me. Even in our
limited human bodies, God wants to exhib-
it who He is and what He can do. This
will capture the attention of the world!
Ehis should not surprise us. (Quote I
Cat. 2:4-5 and Eph. 3:20). God has
always wanted to do 'God-Size' things
through us.
Let me set things in order for you in
this text. The work of Christ was
s ...

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