by Ronnie Floyd

Matthew 16:18-19
June 14, 1993, 1:40 p.m.
Pastor's Conference of the Southern Baptist Convention

INTRODUCTION: One of the hottest technological terms in
our day and time is the term "virtual reality." Some of you
better recognize the term 'virtual reality' as 'artificial reality."
For example, we live in a visual, video-bent society. Have you
ever seen children or teenagers wear a game glove in order to
control aspects of a video game? With this glove on, known as
the power glove, they can alter the game, change the rules of the
game, and be able to control the game itself. In other words,
the player of the game artificially experiences the reality of
feeling as if he is in the game itself. However, he is not, even
though for moments he thinks he is. This is known as artificial
or virtual reality.
There are many of you today who are trying to pastor or lead
your church by putting on a power glove so you can attempt to
control the game of doing church, and even attempt to change
the rules of doing church. And the very thing you think is
reality is nothing more than virtual spiritual reality or an
artificial attemt dto scurch.
Many of us here today have tried to ipuae God, His Word,
and His people. This is artificial spirituality. For years we have
seen the powerlessness of what human flesh can do in the area
of building churches. In fact, one of our greatest enemies in our
churches and in our denomination is that we have 'great flesh."
We appear and act as if we are so sufficient we have little need,
if any, for God.
America is in need of spiritual healing for one reason alone. We
are not in need of healing because of abortion, or pornography,
or liberalism, or humanism, or homosexuality. Those sins are
no more than symptoms of our major problem. America is in
need of healing because the church of America is sick. When
the church is sick, the nation is doomed. All the sins we attempt
to fight a ...

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