by Ronnie Floyd

Sermon #7
Series on Romans
Romans 2:25-29
INThDUCRICN: The Apostle Paul was promising the wrath of God
upon vain religion. Vain religion is when outward fruit ap-
pears but iardly there is m geruineness.
T.S: In this text the Apostle Paul speaks of circumcision
-ch was a sign of being in a covental relationship with
God as a Jew. I want us tonight to look at the Word of God
and explain the text to you. Then I want us to look at some
insights practically to the text for us personally and for the
Lrirajwision"-(peritemno) "to cut around, cut off" Cut off
what? When the foreskin of the male sexual organ is cut
off this is circumcision. It served as a sign for the
Jew of the covenant relationship with God.
"is of profit"-it is of value
"if you practice the law'-do the law, keep the law is when
circumcision only has meaning.
"but if you are a transgressor of the law"--a breaker of it.
"Your circumcision has become uncircumcision"--what this liter-
ally means is that the circumcision has become a foreskin
alone with no maning at all.
Teaching: Cirennr4ision is an outward seal of a covenant rela-
tionship with God.
Personal righteousness or obedience is the real ex-
pression of the heart.(real expression of the coven)
In this verse he turns it around: If an uncircumcised man, a
non- Jew keeps the law won't his uncircuncision be regarded
as circumcision?
Teaching: The real expression of circumcision is not in the
rite or practice of it, but is of the heart.
If the physically uncircumcised keeps the law he will judge
those who do are physica ...

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