by Ronnie Floyd


In just a minute you'll hear a life-changing message from
Dr. Ronnie Floyd, pastor of the First Baptist Church of
Springdale, Arkansas. The series he's preaching on is
entitled, "Is Your Family Ready for the Nineties" and is
designed to show you how God can help you and your family
through these trying times. If you'd like more information
on other tapes with Dr. Floyd's messages, please write
Daystar at P.O. Box 6970, Springdale, AR 72766 or call us
at area code (501) 751-4523. We pray that you will find the
word from God in these minutes together.
These last eight weeks together, we have been preaching on
the subject, "Is your family ready for the Nineties?" This
morning's message is entitled "When you said 'I do', did
you?" When you said those words in your marriage vow, "I
do," did you? Those words "I do" are mentioned practically
in every wedding ceremony that you will ever come across or
witness in your life. It's amazing to me that when one of
divorces in America today or marriages end up in divorce
today in our country, that I really wonder if people really
understood the value of those words "I do." When we know
that sixty percent of all second marriages also end in
divorce, it appears to me that not only did we not learn the
first time, but we didn't learn the second time.
I've never had any family in my life to walk in my office
and desire to be married--two people from two different ways
of life--that desire to be married in order to end that life
or that relationship in a divorce. It appears to me as
well, ladies and gentlemen, that it is time for us as God's
people to be the leaders in the morality in the climate of
America today. And one of the ways that we can be leaders
in our country today for the American family cause is to
lift high the commitments and vows that we make not only to
God but the vows that we make to one another in life.
This morning I would like to propose three q ...

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