by Ronnie Floyd

History tells us that for hundreds, even thousands of years, mankind
has been plagued with a warring nature. Neighbor has risen against
neighbor, country against country, and nation against nation. A war
may be fought for a "cause" so worthy as the protection of home
and family. Or for one so wicked as the making of a master race.
Most often the underlying "cause" is a lust for greater possession
or power.
It happened just that way long ago, in Eternity Past. The "anointed
cherub", an archangel of the Heavenly hosts allowed jealousy to harden
his heart toward his Maker. He coveted for himself, not only the
worship and pra-ise of the rest of the angels,- biit for the kingdom,
the power and the glory of God. Allured by his extraordinary beauty
and convinced by his cunning "wisdom", one third of the angels joined
him in his "cause", and there was War in Heaven.
When Satan found the battle for Heaven was lost, he committed his
every strength to wreck God's plans for earth and mankind. For him
the war would continue in full force. And it has. And it will until
the last "child" of God has been "born" and his name has been written
in the "Lamb's Book Of Life".
And every name written represents one more enlisted in the "army"
of God. Spiritual armour and "weaponry" are provided each "child".
For the "child" is destined to become a "warrior".
As the "child" grows in the knowledge and understanding of the Lord;
and practices praying with his weaponry*, he "fights" in Heaven/Hell
warfare. The more he "fights" the more he gains skill in "warring".
In prayer he "agrees" the word and will of God into the life of a
brother or sister in Christ. He boldly assaults "strongholds" in the
lives of the lost or backslidden, claiming the Authority of Jesus' Name
and the Power His Blood. Satan's "strongman" grip loosens. His "dark"
influence lessens. And as the "fight" continues, the evil works and
ways of the ...

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