by Ronnie Floyd

LESSON ONE: Ofish My Heart To Pray

There once was a young man who committed his life to the field of
chemistry. He was greatly inspired in a brief encounter with a man
renowned as the Master chemist of all time. The Master chemist
offered to spend time with the young man, to share with him unique
formulas and procedures. The young man was impressed by the old
Master's offer and intended to take him up on it regularly.
But in the course of study and work, ambitious to prove his own skill,
plus everyday lifestyle demands, the young man found little time
left to spend with the Master.
Years passed. The old Master wondered why he was seldom called
on. He had libraries of valuable information at his fingertips. His
vast experience held unlimited treasure in itself. He was ready to
offer any help, willing to use his every resource for the young man's
As it happened the younger man died. In relying on himself and his
own resources to make his way, he had attained only a small measure
of accomplishment. Although he had lived and worked hard, he had
failed in the one thing that could have given his life greater success:
Spesi-dii~ig Ttinec Witit Mm~ Master.
As Christians we have committed our lives to learning the way of
Jesus Chris-t Jesus summed up His "Way" in two commands: (1 To
Love God with every fibre of our being; (2 To love others as
Learning and living this kind of love will take much time with the
Master. Much time alone with Him in prayer. And much praying
i;l and through every devotion and detail of our lives.
Jesus, though He was God in the flesh, still coveted time alone with
His Father. And in each work of His life He prayed. Praying over
those He was teaching. Praying over those who were receiving His
miracles. Praying over those who were not yet born, but He knew
would be D-i followers. And it was after agonizing in prayer, He
came through His most difficult and yet most re ...

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