by Ronnie Floyd

Series on Romans
Sermnn #5
"The Divine Standards of Condemnation"
Ranans 2:1-16
INTRODUCTION: In Romans 1:1-17 you have the introduction to
this book. In Pana 1:18-3:20 you have the first major sect
which we named, 'ahe Wrath of God: The Doctrine of Condenna-
tion." For the last two weeks we have seen the wrath opon th
Gentile pagan world in Ranans 1:18-32. Tonight: I want to b
gin looking at the j nent or condemnation of God on the
unbelieving Jew or what I want to choose to call the religios
T.S: To begin this portion of our study tonight I want to
preach on "The Divine Standards of Condemntion." What are
God's standards for releasing his wrath on all persons both
Jew and Gentile, or pagan and or religious? What are the bas
that God will judge on that day?
1. GOD'S IFULNESS.(2:1-4)
Exp: (1) Therefore, based on all of chapter one you are
without excuse. Paul turning to the Jews, even
though you may be more noral than the Gentiles
you are also wi-hout ec'use. You- are doing the
same things.
*You sit and pass judgemnt, for whenever you
judge another, you have just condemned yourself
You are doing the same things are guilty!
1. you say you know God's ordinances and you
judge others.
2. you are equally guilty of sin against God.
3. you condemn yourself without shame.
(2) KJV. "the judgment of God is according to truth
God will judge in accord with the true moral
condition of mn, thus, this means that God Ofd
RIGHLY. JUSTLY, FAIRLY--Not any special privi-
leges for anyone.
*All men will be judged.
**All men will be judged by God fairly.
(3) Quesion: they felt that they were exenpt fran
divine judgement because their father was Abra-
ham. (Religious)
(4) Question, treated with contempt the wealth of
God's goodness and forebearnance which suspende
the present wrath of God. His goodness should
invoke repentance.
'kindness"--b elence in action.
"toward repentance"--a return to him.
'"indness"--in both references mean ...

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