by Ronnie Floyd

Message #9
2 Samuel 11:1-5
June 20, 1993
Men, let me ask you a question today: Would you let your
wife commit adultery with another man if he offered to
pay you $1 million?"
Ladies, let me ask you a question: Would you commit
adultery with a man if he offered to pay you $1 million?
On OPRAH, 55% of female viewers said they would commit
adultery if they were offered $1 million. In Seattle, on
a major AM radio station, 62% of their viewership said they
also would participate in such an action if the offer was
made to them.
This question has been the talk of television trash shows
and movie review programs since the recent release of the
movie called, "INDECENT PROPOSAL." I am told that
the heartbeat of the movie is when Actor Robert Redford
offers a couple $1 million to commit adultery with the
beautiful female of the couple. Why would people go to
such a trashed out movie?
USA TODAY says because people loved to have their morality
tested by wondering how far they would go for $1 million.
Another reason is that it is a female fantasy. This sex for
money fantasy is just another step toward the judgment
of God upon America.
I do not know about you but I am sick and tired of Hollywood
attempting to set the acceptable standard of sexual morality
to families, young people, and children. The only way
Hollywood will stop making those kinds of degenerate movies
will be when people stop going to see them. God, have mercy
on America.
The problem of sexual lust is not a new problem. In our
story today, we will see how a man after God's own heart,
willing to do all His will, falls prey to Satan's schemes and
traps. David had been king for about twenty years when
this event occurs. He is approximately fifty years of age
experiencing tremendous success as king over Israel.
However, David's biggest failure occurs in our story
today. It happened because ...

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