by Ronnie Floyd

2 Chronicles 7:14
January 2, 1994
Article of 1961 about W. A. Criswell
"God Alone Can Save U.S."
I asked myself recently, "If Dr. Criswell was calling
America back to God and saying the Lord was our only
hope in 1961, then what should be our message today?"
Then I asked myself, "What has happened in America
since 1961?"
Prayer and the Bible are no longer acceptable in our
Evolution is the main teaching in our classrooms with
creationism given very little, if any, credibility at all.
Abortion has been legalized and we know that one-third
of all babies in America each year are murdered by
Drugs and alcohol are now leading problems in America
and the legalization of drugs in now being propagated
by the U. S. Surgeon General.
Rebellion against authority was the agenda of the sixties
and now that generation has grown up and is now having
children. This is why respect for authority is not being
taught or expected in our society.
Guns are being brought to our schools and crime is
escalating beyond our control exhibited through drive
by shootings to child molestation and murder.
One-half of all marriages are now ending in divorce.
One-third of the babies being born in America are born
out of wedlock.
Families are absolutely falling apart all over our nation,
even in the church.
The homosexual political activists have more acceptance
in America by many, than zealous evangelical Christians
who simply desire our nation to return to family values.
The homosexuals are highly regarded, entertained by
political powerbrokers, and now respected as an
acceptable lifestyle that should receive minority
privileges, while evangelical Christians are seen as rabid
mad dogs who are ignorant fundamentalists, who want
to destroy the great heritage of separation of church
and state.
May I remind you that it was evangelicals, who are
now regarded as the extreme religious right, ...

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