by Ronnie Floyd

Do Miracles Still Take Place Today?
Ronnie Floyd
John 9:141

INTRODUCTION: One of the hottest biblical and theological issues today is what I want to share with you about tonight. The issue is, ''Do miracles stir take place today? This issue is very relevant today because crisis continually abounds in the lives of people.

We need to beware of our ''fast food'' mentality being brought in to determine the answer to this question. Just because I can drive through McDonalds and order a Big Mac, french fries, and a Coca-Cola, and it be given to me in a matter of two minutes, does not mean that God will give me a miracle in every crisis I face in life.

There are two basic thoughts about whether miracles take place today:

1. Many people believe they do not take place because of them being ''sign gifts'' which are now ceased. The problem with this thought is that if you take it to the extreme, God does not do miracles of any kind today.

Many people have miracles take place today. The problem one could get into by taking this to the extreme is the Big Mac mentality of, ''God, I need a miracle.'' and God responds by saying. ''That win be $3.75. Please drive through.'' There are two foundational principles upon which we must discuss this subject tonight: 1. The Bible must serve as the judge of all things, including miracles.

2. Your religious tradition or religious experiences only are valid if they survive the test of the Word of God.

Religious tradition or religious experience never serve as my judge of the way God always works.

Do miracles still take place today? Let's evaluate this subject tonight from the life of Jesus and through the Bible as God's Holy Word and judge. I want to divide the chapter for you tonight in four major divisions. After we have been true to the text, I want to answer our question tonight by sharing with you three principles or timeless truths concerning this subject from this chapter in Scripture.


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