by Ronnie Floyd

Matthew 1:18-25
December 20, 1992
in just a few short days, each of us will sit around a Christmas
tree with our family and share our love to one another through
the giving of gifts. Many children, young people, and even
adults will express words like, "It is a miracle that you gave
me this present." In this sense the word miracle expresses
that their hope for a gift has been fulfilled.
When we watch television our hearts are moved to brokenness
and compassion to the people of Somalia. For some of those
dear people, to eat one meal would be a miracle.
In this holiday season, automobile accidents will happen, and
who knows, it could happen to one of us. if it occurs and no
one is seriously injured we respond and say, "It is a miracle
that no one was hurt seriously." This is an expression of
gratitude to God that everyone has been kept safe.
Even though there may be a bit of the miraculous in each of
these I have already mentioned to you, a real miracle occurs
when something supernaturally occurs in a natural climate.
A real miracle is a miracle because it would otherwise not
been able to have taken place without God being involved.
This morning I want you to look with me to one of the great
passages about Christmas. I want us to take a biblical
look at Christmas. I want us to take a practical look at
Christmas. I want to accomplish this today by speaking
to you on, "The Miracle Of Christmas."
I. THE MIRACLE OF THE VIRGIN BIRTH. (vs. 18-20,23a,25a)
it is very difficult for each of us to comprehend that a
baby could be born without sexual relations taking place
between a male and a female. The profound doctrine about
the virgin birth is especially difficult to understand in our
world today because virginity is a thing of the past for
so many unmarried people today.
This passage gives to us the factuality of the virgin birth
of Christ. The truthfulness and tru ...

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