by Ronnie Floyd

Ephesians 2:20-21
Georgia Baptist Evangelism Conference
Gainesville, Georgia
January 14, 1992
The vast majority of us in this place tonight are a part of our
church's leadership team. You may be the pastor, staff
member, or a layperson in a leadership position of some kind.
You are a part of the leadership team in your church.
I believe the number one issue your church faces is, "Will our
church be built by human ways and methods or will our church
be built by Christ and His Spirit?" In the craze of church
growth you had better always remember what Jesus said, "I
will build my church."
Unfortunately, the lost and unchurched community all across
America is witnessing what the results are in humanist
approaches to church growth. What can man do? We can
build beautiful buildings in prime locations. We can even
provide ministries to advance the growth of the church. This
may result in the decentralization of God in the church,
depending on inadequate and humanistic warfare weaponry.
The end results of this are empty church buildings, worship
of God demeaned to the entertainment of men, families ruined
by divorce, and the fellowship of churches divided by the
pettiness of men's carnality. Yes, the world is seeing what
the church can do.
However, I believe it is time for the church to see what God
can do! The only way the lost and unchurched mindset of
America will be penetrated in our day is by an intervention
of God's power in your church. The power comes through the
proclamation of God's Word, through the power of the Holy
Spirit, by using the spiritual weaponry of prayer.
How does God factor into your church? Where does He fit
in? This evening I want to preach on "The God-Factor In
Your Church." What is the God-Factor? The God-Factor
in your church is when your church considers God in all your
plans, consults God in all your efforts, and seeks God's
confirming hand on all its ministrie ...

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