by Ronnie Floyd

"Is Jesus Real Today?"
I John 1:1-7
Dr. Ronnie W. Floyd
"Loving Fellowship in the Family of God" is the title of this sermon series that I will be
preaching verse by verse through the book of I John.
As you turn in your I3ible to the book of I John, I want to encourage you that it is very
important in order to interpret and to know what the real meaning of this text is, it is imperative that
we look in the past, that we look at who wrote it, when he wrote it, and why he wrote it, what are
the themes of the book, as we overview it. Then as we target in this morning on the first four verses
of this text it is important that we see what God is trying to say to us through His Word.
The author of the book was John, the disciple. John the disciple was the brother of James.
John the disciple as well came from the family of Zebedee. He was an elder man in scripture because
all through this text he talked and referred to these people as being "the little children of God." He
was the one who wrote the gospel of John. The gospel of John showed us that He was one in history.
He wrote to us the epistle of John which gave us one in doctrine. He wrote to us as well the revelation
of Jesus Christ which gave us one in prophecy.
The whole one underlying characteristic of all of those three books that he wrote was the
diety of Christ. That Jesus really is who He said He is. That He was God.
Here as well, we know that John wrote this book in the last decade of the first century. He
was in Ephesus and while he was in Ephesus he wrote this book, or epistle, this letter to those who were
in the surrounding churches of Epnesus known as the group of churches that lived in Ephesus that loved
the Lord and did what God wanted them to do.
Then we see as well that the themes of the book were multifaceted. Out ot all the books
in the Bible, this small little book probably has more themes per capita than any other book according
to c ...

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