by Ronnie Floyd

Can God Really Heal You?
Series: Questions Only God Can Answer
Ronnie Floyd
James 5:13-20

INTRODUCTION: The word for healing means ''to mend'' as a garment in mended. It means ''to repair'' as a building is reconstructed. The word healing means ''to cure'' as a diseased person is healed.

There are two words for healing in the New Testament.

First, the word ''iomai'' which means a miraculous, instantaneous type of healing. Second, the word ''therapeuo'' which means to be treated or to recover over time.

In Acts 28 we see Publias healed (instantaneously) and the others were healed over time. (therapeuo)

The question today is, ''Can God really heal you?'' This morning I want to take the text and tell you what it says 1. THE FOUR MAJOR ISSUES IN THE TEXT.

(1) Who is sick?(vs. 13-14)

''suffering''-to be afflicted, in trouble, suffering ill of any source. In this the question is not why am I suffering, but what is God trying to teach me.

''cheerful''-to be merry, to have good will, good spirits, happy mood. Praise-to play on stringed instruments.

''sick''-to be weak. It refers to physical weakness, weak faith, weak conscience, to be weary. It refers to weakness morally, spiritually, and physically through suffering.

(2) What about anointing with oil? (v. 14)

This phrase can mean one of two things: 1. To rub with oil for medicine or healing purposes.

2. To ceremonially anoint as Samuel anointed Saul as King of Israel.

Remember the woman who poured the perfume or oil on Jesus' feet-This brought refreshment to Jesus.
Remember the Good Samaritan who bathed the wounds of the injured traveler with oil.

*TEACHING OF TEXT: Blend medicine and prayer together-God is source of medicine and prayer!

(3) What about the prayer of faith?(v. 15)

The common word today in the charismatic realm is, ''if you have enough- faith you can be healed.'' My healing is dependent on God's will for my life, Page 2 not my faith! The prayer of faith is ...

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