by Ronnie Floyd

Session I
"An Introduction to the Course"
Acts 1:8
I. Introduction to the Course
A. Class Definition of Evangelism: "The compassionate sharing of the
Good News of Jesus Christ with lost men in the power of the Holy Spirit,
the purpose of winning them to Christ as Savior and Lord, so that they
in turn, might share Him with others."
B. Facets of Definition:
1. Spirit of evangelism should be that of compassion.
2. Subject of evangelism - Good News of Jesus Christ.
3. Recepients of evangelism - lost people.
4. Power for evangelism - Holy Spirit.
5. Purpose of evangelism - winning them to Jesus.
6. Perpetration of evangelism - that they might share Him with others.
C. New Testament Evangelism - Acts 1:8 is the strategy
1. Total Penetration - thorough coverage of gospel in all areas ("yes" or "no")
2. Total participation - whole Church sharing.
a. Witnessing is telling what you know for sure.
b. In N.T. witness is not divorced from verbal witness.
Acts 5:42, Acts 8:104, Acts 20:20-21
D. The Importance and Urgency of Personal Evangelism.
1. Important to God because it represents God's major plan.
a. God's plan is us - "one-on-one".
b. God loves lost people
c. God wants his love made known to man
2. Important in the standpoint of others
a. People are worth something.
b. Time for others is running out.
3. Urgent to us!
a. Responsible to God - we must obey to share!
b. Responsible to other people. Rm. 1:14 "I am a debtor."
c. Ultimate goal is to become like Him!
E. Desired Traits of a Witness!
1. Genuine conversion experience
2. Assurance of salvation - fumbling assurance ---> fumbling witnessing
(I Jn. 5:13).
3. Purity of life
4. Conviction regarding authority of Bible
a. What it says about man
b. What it says about God's saving acts
c. What it says about conditions of salvation: Repentance and Faith
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"The Go-Tell Brigade"
5. Spiritual mindedness - have mind of the Spirit - Romans 12:2
6. Commitment t ...

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