by Ronnie Floyd

Luke 17:11-19
INTRODUCTION: Growing up in my home it was important to have good manners. I remember as
a child . . getting my mouth washed out with lava soap for not having good manner
One biblical principle that we consider in America is saying Thank you.
Those words do not flow from many people in todays world! It did not in biblical
days either! In the text that was read above we see a story of ten men who had
1. MEDICALLY--It is an appearance of nodules, small knots or lumps, in the eyebrows, the cheeks
the ear lobes, the nose, also in the hands or feet, where the disease eats into
joints causing the falling off of fingers and toes.
There are 20 different kinds of leprosy--Usually affects the skin and works
inward or else it is seated in the nervous system of the body.
Leprosy can even exist in clothing and is result of mildew or fungus produced by
unknown causes. It can also be in a house and is described as consisting in hol-
low streaks, greenish, or reddish, in color, and lower than the wall, as if it
is coming out of the interior portions of the wall.
2. BIBLICALLY--Leprosy contains the above as well as open sores or boils. The disease was
incurable and very dreaded.
1871 a man named, Hansen, discovered the cause of leprosy. He identified the
virus that caused the disease. It was a specific bacillus, which is a form
of bacteria, sometimes caused by a lacking diet. It was this disease, which
contained blisters, scabs, and scales, that would eat away the major blood
vessels which would result in the leper bleeding to death.
In biblical days when one thought he was infected with the disease he was
quaranteened and taken away from society for 7 to 21 days! He was then re-
examined by a judge!
His clothes or dress would give everyone a knowledge that he was a leper.
He could be no closer than 300 feet from the wall of the city and at least
150 feet from the main road in to the c ...

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