by Ronnie Floyd

Dr. Ronnie V. Floyd
The family has become extremely complex with the break of the
21st century. In Tim LaNaye's bootk 'The Race For The 21st
Century,' LaHaye relates the family unit. He talks about the family
unit fourfold in his boot. It is a very conplexing May that he gives
it because of the very complexity of the family in America today. No
longer can we say, vhen we refer to the family that we are tailing
about a *an and a vonan living together as husband and Mife but there
are all kinds of things that must be considered. There are four types
of family units in America today.
First, the traditional family. The traditional family has one
husband for owe Kife. But another reference to the family, secondly,
is the single family unit. The single family unit *eans that soneone
has never been married yet in their life or they have gone through a
divorce and they are part of their own family and they have no children
at all by their previous narriage. Over one half of the population in
America today are single adults. Thirdly, the single parent hose. See
how it grows in its complexity. It is no longer a tradition fanily
unit. be are talking about not only just the husband and iife, or a
single adult living by themselves, whether they have been never
narried, or they have been through a divorce and single again. But we
are speaking about a single parent home, Which means that a family unit
has gone through a divorce and there were children present in that
family and, therefore, there is one parent that is responsible for
those children. This statistic is astounding to se: over one half of
the children in America today come from a single parent hose. The
fourth type of a fanily unit in America today is the combination of two
families. That is When there are tuo separate families that have been
torn by divorce, they find thea other spouses and they fall in love and
narry again. The result is that you are tating a uoe ...

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