by Ronnie Floyd

Philippians 3:10-11
December 23, 1990
INTRODUCTION: There is a set of books entitled, "20 Centur-
ies of Great Preaching." I have these books in my library.
The authors of this book were asked some years ago, "What is
the one common characteristic in each of these great preach-
ers you have featured in these volumes?" The authors
responded, "The vast majority, if not each of them, had a
major crisis in their life that God really used in their
Ill: Each year around Thanksgiving I become very reflective
about life and very futuristic about the coming year. This
year I believe I have probably been extreme in reflecting
about 1990. The reason is because of what my wife went
through with cancer in 1990.
This past week I read through a spiritual journal I have
written in each day in 1990. I lived again the anxieties,
fears, and pressures of 1990. However, I also lived through
the victories again.
I have prayed for a special word today for you. Holiday
preaching is a tall order for a preacher. The attitudes
of people and their pressures around this season can some-
times rob them of the joy of God speaking to them. I came
to the conclusion in prayer that God wanted me to share what
He has done in me in 1990. I believe that God brought to me
in 1990 real revival to my life.
T.S.: I had a difficult tlime in giving this message a title.
The only thing I could come up with is the title of, "God and
Me." That is really what a personal relationship is with God
is a continuing walk with you and God.
1. GOD'S WORD REVEALED TO ME.(Philippians 3:10-11)
Ill: If someone ask me what verse or verses describe
what God has taught you in your life in 1990 it
would have to be Philippians 3:10-11.
Exp: The Apostle Paul was in prison while writing this
letter. His life was in danger. He declared:
"That I may know Him"-Gr. "ginosko"-a personal
knowledge of God that comes only through ex-
perience. I want to know all of Him.
"and the ...

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