by Ronnie Floyd

Philippians 2:511
Dr. Ronnie W. Floyd
We said when we came that three priorities of our ministry in your church would be to
exalt the Savior, the equip the saints, to evangelize the sinner. I want to preach on those three
priorities over the next three Sunday mornings that we have together. We are going to begin today
and talk about that which we have already done. It is not something that happens when the preacher
stands, it is something that happens any time God and His people decide to do it, and that is to
exalt Jesus. You see, friends, we have already exalted Jesus. We are not about to, we are not
praying about it to decide if we are going to, we just did it.
I tell you, folks, I just hope and I pray that you will be grateful to God for our worship
leader, Jeff DiMiceli. God has blessed us with him. But, I say, boy, it is just good to have a man who
will stand here and point us to Jesus. When he does that we experience what we Know to be corporate,
dynamic worship. We have already had that. We are going to continue to have that this morning.
Philippians the second chapter is our text today, which you have already heard read by
these two gentlemen that read it to us before. But, you might want to turn to it as we refer to
it this morning.
People praise other people. Yesterday for my entertainment and family time we went
to a place where they did a lot of praising. We went to Razorback stadium and saw the Razorbacks.
They praised a lot of folks there. But, you know, folks, people who receive praise most of the time
deserve to receive praise. They pay the price to be great in our minds and our attention goes to
them. Whether it be Ronald Reagan, who is probably one of the most powerful men in all the world.
Whether it be a Ray Knight, who is NVP of the World Series. Whether it be a Tom Selick, who
captivates the hearts of hollywood. Whether it be Hershei Walker who is the new spark of the
Dallas Cowboys. They are all gre ...

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