by Ronnie Floyd

Ephesians 4:11-16
Dr. Ronnie W. Floyd
The early church had shown tremendous growth around 300 A.D. It appeared soon
that by 500 A.D. that the entire civilized world could be literally evangelized. The Emperor
Constantine in 313 A.D. issued what we know today as being the Edict of Toleration which lifted
all persecution off of those who possessed Christ as Lord and as Savior. litany edicts followed. In
fact, one of those that followed which has plagued us even to this day is that all of the Roman
Empire would become Christian. As this edict was pronounced that every one who simply was a
person was announced to be a Christian. tillions of people who were barbarians and lost people
filled the church with all of their pagan heresies. When that occurred. no longer did the church
have the pulse beat, the excitement, the enthusiasm for winning people to Christ and for being
the church that God wanted the church to be.
You see, ladies and gentlemen, a lost person has nothing to share about Christ. So when
these people entered the church the church lost the zeal of winning others to Christ. This activity,
this event has even plagued the church of America today. Ever since that day and that time, all
persons have separated an event to take place and that event is between two groups of people.
That is the people who claim to be clergy, like me and the staff that surrounds me, and then all of
you who claim to be lay persons. Before that Edict was lifted, my friend, understand that everyone
had understood that it was their responsibility to be a minister. Every since that day and that time
we have begun to pay people to do the work that all of us are here to do according to the word of God.
MIy friends, such an event is not pleasing to the Lord. Such an event is contrary to the will of God
and contradicts the authority of the word of God. That is why this morning we want to preach on
"God's DivineProgram for His Church. ...

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